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On premise taxidermist and in house butchering!
Retreats/Bed & Breakfast/Vacation/Farming
The Homestead Lodge and Medicine Wheel Bison Preserve is the ideal place for spiritual and emotional, as well as physically active retreats.

We beleive in and practice sustainable living from "reduce, recycle, reuse" to harvesting our woods, grasses, and animals; both wild and raised.

Before the industrialization of this countries food chain, a diversified farm not only fed the people on it, but 12 to 20 other people too. Now the American Farmer can't even afford to feed his own family if not for government grants and a second or even third family income. It's impossible for us the survive totally off the grid, and there are not many who would enjoy their stay if we were. But we seek a simpler way of life and have much to offer, much to teach, and much to enjoy. We utilize renewable resources while practicing sustainable living and small foot print ethics.

We heat by wood when we can. Controlled cutting and clearing means little waste and new pastures. The buffalo roam and fertilize the new pastures and even the woodstove ashes go into the fields.

We raise our own meat and/or harvest wild animals. We grow raspberries, grapes, and apples for jams, preserves and pie fillings. We support local and organic growers by purchasing Maine DownEast Blueberries and Aroostook You Pick strawberries. We practice a bartering system whenever possible, swapping buffalo meat for locally grown crops, handy man work, and even some heavy equipment road work.

We pay our regular bills by way of selling furs from a trap line and boarding and guiding hunters. Both trapping and hunting are firmly set in the heritage of our forefathers Even before that of farming. Trapping and hunting of animals is one of the first recognized renewable resources. We hold a reverence with all animals not unlike the Indians before us. We practice ethical and human harvesting only and expect all clientele to do the same. And the change is easily recognized in an individual who works with our beautiful giant buffalo; or who walks into the woods with snow on the ground and a pack on his back to retrieve the furs which are Blessings from God and gifts from the animals.

With a working retreat you can get your hands dirty as much or as little as you want and still sleep peacefully at night knowing you have truly accomplished things that made a difference to us. And to you. And to the world you bring the experience back to.

Or if you're just looking for a relaxing get away vacation, how much further can you get away then the simple workings of a farm and country folk. We have over 250 acres of pasture, softwood and poplar groves as well as a small cedar deer wintering yard. And are Blessed with approximately 1.5 miles along the Aroostook River. Come canoe the Aroostook River or hike miles of dirt roads. Watch four to six resident Bold Eagles and a pair of Golden Eagles. Maybe see a Whitetail Deer fawning or the buffalo calving. Fish, swim or just enjoy the wonder of nature unfolding all around you.

We can accommodate all but very large retreat parties. Prices are reflective of how much or how little is required for you party. You can bring your own speakers and activities or we can put you in touch with what is available locally.

Come. We welcome you to our farm and our family.