Maine Bison Hunting

Maine Bison Hunting

Medicine Wheel Big Game Preserve Buffalo Hunts

Medicine Wheel Big Game Preserve Buffalo Hunts

No other animal is more representative of the strength and determination of this Great Country then the American Buffalo! From the massive adults to the frisky calves, Buffalo are intelligent, curious, dignified, and tremendously strong. And the only legal way left to hunt one is on a licensed game preserve.

The mighty Buffalo, now safely retrieved from the brink of extinction, is a living symbol of America's history and hunting heritage. From prehistoric times extending through post-Civil War times, the American Buffalo has been hunted. Once the mainstay of the American Indians, Buffalo are again gracing us with their majesty and bounty. Bounties of nutritious meat, fashion-quality leather, exquisite hair-on robes, decorative skulls, luxurious fleece, and exciting and spiritually fulfilling hunts!

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The Buffalo Hunt

The Bison Hunt - Harvest Your Own Meat

Some people say that a "true and ethical sportsman" would not hunt inside a fence. Yet many naturalist and real outdoorsmen dream of a Trophy Buffalo hunt to surpass any other animal they have ever hunted. And other experienced hunters from across the country who have already harvested their trophy, tell us that the thrill involved in taking down one of these powerful beasts is second to none. And their reverence and respect for the Buffalo was multiplied by the harvesting.

Buffalo are not timid animals and often display a strong fight response characteristic and are very unpredictable. It might take only hours or it might take days to get the shot required to take one of these magnificent animals down. We want the animal to drop on the spot so no extra adrenaline is circulated. But once the bull is dropped the herd becomes even more agitated and dangerous. Mature bulls will actually attack, so we like to have a truck standing by to enter the preserve as soon as the shot is taken. As the largest American mammal, a quality buffalo hunt can be a challenge of a lifetime and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Price depends on age. Call Scott for details.

Is Buffalo Meat Delicious?

Is Buffalo Meat Delicious?

Yes! And hunters will leave the lodge with an average of 500 lbs of natural Buffalo meat.

Bison is often called America's Original Red Meat! Deliciously healthy, it is high in protein, low in cholesterol, calories and fat.

The Medicine Wheel Buffalo Preserve hunts 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old bulls for optimum flavor, tenderness, and impressive mounting qualifications. Hunts are for two days so you and a guest can enjoy the lodge and the tranquility of the surroundings. Our herd has approximately 212 acres of fields, old apple orchards, aspen groves, and timber growth. Our herd has been raised on our land with strict monitoring of breeding to maintain wild dispositions. We do not try to tame our animals and do not give tours that would familiarize them with humans. We do not drive you to the middle of a mesa and tell you to shoot a naturally culled animal. We do not buy an animal to release on our ground for you to shoot. We hunt pristine trophy quality bulls within our herd, which can be dangerous and exciting.

Is Bison Meat Healthy

Is Bison Meat Healthy?

Bison vs Beef

Although bison is very similar to beef in texture and taste, bison is sometimes called the healthier red meat. Grass fed bison meat provides less fat and more protein them beef. 
A 100 gram serving of ground bison provides 20 grams of protein & 7 grams of fat. In comparison, the same serving of grass fed beef provides 19 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat.

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