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On premise taxidermist and in house butchering!
Black Bear Hunting
Maine trophy bear hunting success begins when you choose the location of your hunt. And Northern Maine has the largest black bear population in North America and is growing every year. Aroostook County is known for its endless miles of primeval forest and shadowy bogs which lure hunters from all over the world in their quest for that all time trophy bear! Hunting success continues when you choose your Outfitter. Homestead Lodge wants you to go home with the bear trophy of your dreams and we have the knowledge, skill, and experience to make it happen. We do not just open a camp for the Maine bear hunting season we live and work here year round. We are legally allowed to bait for 30 days prior to the season opening and we bait all 30 days.

Four Week Season generally the last week of August into September.

Maine trophy bear hunters using bow, rifle, slug gun, muzzle loaders, hand guns, or cameras have equal opportunity to harvest the Trophy Black Bear of a lifetime due largely to setting each site specifically for the individual hunter and to our continuing maintenance efforts. LandOwner Regulations require separation by township and road system of commercial Outfitters and ½ mile between sites. Homestead Lodge has a MINIMUM of 1 mile between sites and we lease enough ground that we can provide not only a new site for each hunter each week, but a whole new area each week for a whole new opening week experience each week!

BUT, remember. No matter how much effort and expertise we contribute to your hunt, the Black Bear is unlike any other game you have ever hunted. Unlike deer hunting, you will be hunting a predator who will be hunting your bait site. And when hit, the black bear will not lie down and bleed out like a deer. But rather, will hide so you will not find him until you can smell it. Or run until he dies - which could be 10 to 20 miles. Therefore patience and care should be given to a precision killing shot.

Homestead Lodge encourages the continuation of our hunting heritage with double size tree stands for hunting mentors and male or female students. And will go the extra to ensure that their stay is a wholesome experience and their Maine black bear hunt successful. Notes:
  • $1,850 includes meals, lodging and guiding.  Taxidermist and butchering extra.
  • All hunts are seven nights lodging and six days hunting
  • Check In time is after 3:00pm on Sunday
  • A 50% deposit is required on all hunts. No deposits refunded.
  • Personal Checks accepted for reservation deposits only.
  • Final payment upon arrival with cash, bank check, money order, or travelers checks
When you book a bear hunt with us the confirmation of your deposit will be a Homestead Lodge Client Questionnaire. This is for information to set up your individual bait site, as well as all pertinent medical information to ensure you have a safe stay with us, and personal preferences needed to enjoy your time with us as much as possible.

Self Guided Hunt

Come and enjoy some of the finest black bear hunting that Maine has to offer.  We're now offering self guided hunts. These hunts are perfect for the more experienced hunter.  When you arrive on Sunday, we will give you a bait site that is yours for the week.  Your site will have been baited for a full week prior to your arrival, we have game cameras in place on every site so we know what is coming in.

We'll take you out to the bait site on Sunday so you know where it is.  For the rest of the week you'll be responsible for baiting and getting to and from your site.  We'll provide you with all the bait you need and all the advice we can give you.  When you kill a bear we'll give you a hand getting your trophy back to the lodge.
  • All hunts are seven nights lodging and six days hunting
  • Lodging and meals are included
  • Check in time is after 3:00pm on Sunday
  • A 50% deposit is required on all hunts.  No deposits refunded
  • Personal checks accepted for reservation deposits only
  • Final payment upon arrival with cash, bank check, money order, or travelers checks

Fully Guided Baited Bear Hunt Prices:

Fully Guided Baited Bear Hunt - Call for price.  High success rate.

Includes Meals, Lodging, guaranteed active stand, guide and transportaion.

Four Week Season Generally the last week in August into September

Baiting for bear starts 30 days prior to the opening of the Season. The season is generally the last week in August and three weeks in September.
*Week means 6 day hunts (Sunday to Saturday). Deposit of 50% is non-refundable. Personal checks accepted for reservations only. Balance due (plus state taxes) upon arrival by cash, certified check or credit cards with 3% charge.