Recommended Gear

What to Bring

What to Bring

  • All applicable Maine Hunting Fishing Licenses & Tags
  • Trash bags for game storage
  • Coolers for game transportation
  • Thermos bottle for coffee or other
  • Quiet rain gear
  • Appropriate Footwear (winters are very cold and wet)
  • Spare winter footwear (no heat source will help really wet boots)
  • Required Hunter Orange (in all firearms seasons)
  • Warm clothing in layers
  • Camouflage clothing for Archery Season and Bear Over Bait
  • Gloves and Face Net for Bear Over Bait
  • Rubber boots (no leather or cloth uppers) for Bear Over Bait
  • Padded cushion (or two) for Bear Over Bait
  • Flashlight and Knife
  • Survival Kit (all non-guided activities)
  • Weapon and Ammo
  • Camera, batteries, and film for some great memories
  • Compass (even when guided, because my Daddy said never go into the woods without one!)


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