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On premise taxidermist and in house butchering!

Recommended Gear to Bring

(Not all items are needed for all hunts)

Big Game Hunting License …….Hunting with firearms and/or bow
Archery Hunting License ……Hunting in Archery Season or General Firearms Season with bow only.
Bear Permit ……Hunting Bear Over Bait Season
Trash bags for game storage
Coolers for game transportation
Thermos bottle for coffee or other
Quiet rain gear
Appropriate Foot Ware (winters are very cold and wet)
Spare winter foot ware (no heat source will help really wet boots)
Required Hunter Orange (in all firearms seasons)
Warm clothing in layers
Camouflage clothing for Archery Season and Bear Over Bait
Gloves and Face Net for Bear Over Bait
Rubber boots (no leather or cloth uppers) for Bear Over Bait
Padded cushion (or two) for Bear Over Bait
Flashlight and Knife
Survival Kit (all non-guided activities)
Weapon and Ammo
Camera, batteries, and film for some great memories
Compass (even when guided, because my Daddy said never go into the woods without one!)

*Week means 6 day hunts (Sunday to Saturday). Deposit of 50% is non-refundable. Personal checks accepted for reservations only. Balance due (plus state taxes) upon arrival by cash, certified check or credit cards with 3% charge.